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We, True Pack Thermo Products, a S.S.I. unit registered under M.S.M.E. Act manufacture Moulded Thermocol packaging along with Thermocol Block, Thermocol Sheets and Thermocol Boxes.
We have our thermocol manufacturing unit located at Wada,Dist.Thane about 70 Kms.from Mumbai.Since we are located at a D+zone, presently we enjoy Sales Tax Exemption.We also are registered under the Central Excise Act 1944 which entitles buyers to avail Cenvat benefit.
Only due to our tireless efforts, total commitment and dedication to business,our business has consistently increased in a very competitive environment.
Recently,we have introduced an innovative EPS product known as GEOFOAM under technical guidance from BASF ltd that is finding extensive application in construction industry and for land filling.
Geofoam is expanded polystyrene (EPS)manufactured into large lightweight blocks by True Pack Thermo Products and the raw material for geofoam is provided by BASF ltd.Geofoam finds application in many projects for example to provide a lightweight void fill below a highway,bridge approach,embankment or parking lot.
Geofoam has relatively low density yet high strength,good insulation value,low hydraulic conductivity and superior strength deformation properties that complement soil behavior.